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Community Development Corporation

The Life Change Group NC is a Non-Profit intentional faith-based health and wellness initiative, and community development corporation created to build a resource hub led by compassionate mentors and coaches prepared to guide others to maximize their potential in life.



Acting as champions and allies, we help individuals, couples, and families find their fresh start and achieve sustainable growth through services focused on the care of the whole person.



Certified Life coaches and Peer Support specialists guide those struggling with substance disorders and mental health disorders with transformational holistic services.  This support system is designed to help address any trauma, allowing a reset of life skills, achieving the goal of change "For Growth is a Mindset."


In order to achieve this...

The Life Change Group has partnered with The Butterfly Imprints to create a  Community Initiative called the Butterfly Imprints Community Engagement Center.


 The Engagement center will use its resources within the community to strengthen the network and build community engagement.  Allowing, the restoration of our community pillars to serve the need of the whole person better.


  With such community initiatives as tutoring, behavioral health, mental health, focused on growth and development, we strive to improve the lives of those that we serve in North Carolina.

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