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The Life Change Group NC Inc is a intentional evidence-based health and wellness community initiative and a community development corporation created to build a resource hub led by compassionate life coaches prepared to guide others to maximize their potential in life.


By offering services that are focused on caring for the whole person, we act as champions and allies for individuals, couples, and families who are seeking a fresh start and seeking sustainable growth.


With the assistance of our certified life coaches and certified peer support specialists, we provide transformational holistic services to people suffering from substance abuse and mental health disorders by helping them resolve traumas, reset their skills, and change their mindset in order to continue working toward any goals they have set for themselves.


At The Life Change Group NC Inc., our vision is to extend premier life skill services to individuals, families and organizations. We understand the importance of growth and the journey along the way.


Our coaches are highly trained and certified professionals who are dedicated to helping you make lasting changes in your life.


We are committed to helping you create a life you love and exploring new possibilities.


Our life coaching services range from self-improvement to career development. We look forward to helping you make your dreams come true.

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