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About Us

"Often all we need to overcome the obstacles in our life is a support system."

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At The LifeChange Group we endeavor to provide that system. With trained counselors and Peer Support Specialists, we want to help you experience the joy that comes from freedom.

Whether you are dealing with addictive behaviors, your marriage needs a boost, or you want to figure out how what your purpose is, we can help. Contact us to get started overcoming the obstacles and see your life change!

The Life Change Group NC is a nonprofit Intentional Faith-based health & wellness organization registered in the state of North Carolina. The Life Change Group was founded by Brian L. Johnson in March 2017.

What We Do

We help transform lives by teaching people how to apply Biblical truths and principles, along with medically-sound guidelines, to achieve whole person health. We do this through:

  • A content-rich website

  • A strong encouraging presence on social media

  • Growth & Development Coaching

  • Growing and equipping disciples in our

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