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 Domestic Violence


  • Introduction to domestic violence

  • Recognizing anger and differentiating feelings vs. behavior

  • How to stop violence NOW

  • Understanding the use of violence, intimidation and isolation as a tactic of control

  • Responsibility for self

  • Defining non-violence

  • Non-threatening behavior

  • Effective communication

  • Respect

  • Understanding the use of emotional abuse

  • Drug and alcohol involvement

  • Honesty and accountability

  • Effects of violence

  • Assessing lethality

  • Victim safety

  • Responsible parenting

  • Using children as a control tactic

  • Trust and support

  • Mental disorders associated with domestic violence 

  • Negotiation and fairness

  • Shared responsibility

  • Using gender entitlement

The Domestic Violence Intervention Program (DVIP) REWIRE is a 26-week program designed to rehabilitate individuals who have repeatedly used violence toward their intimate partners and/or family members. 



  • are held accountable for their actions

  • learn alternatives to violence and controlling behavior

  • learn about the impact of domestic violence on the victim

  • learn how to identify healthy relationships

  • learn the relationships between substance abuse, mental illness and domestic violence

  • learn behavioral, emotional and physical cues that proceed escalating violence

At The Life Change Group NC Consulting LLC our *Rewire DVIP is held is facilitated by a compassionate trained professional.


Classes are taught in a weekly group setting to promote feedback and participation alongside education.


It is an environment where participants can share their experiences and hold each other accountable. 

*Rewires Domestic Violence Intervention Program is certified by the North Carolina Council for Women/Domestic Violence Commission in compliance with State Statute NCAC Section .0700, Chapter 17.


To learn more, contact our office (980)354-4222 or to register. 

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